406 AD – 28th of Fellnight – Fireday

[Lilith – Godfrey – Gratos – Mimdrs]

Then came a great storm in Goblintooth. The sky was filled with Twisting clouds of crimson flash and rumble with veins of silver and violet. Thunder and lightning exploded overhead awakening the adventurers who were slumbering in the beds rented for the night in the tavern. A loud crackling was heard and flames began to eat away at the thatch roof above their head. A patch of the thatch roof fell through—bits of charred black straw lay on the oak floor. A bolt of lightning struck the floor and a wreath of flame flickered softly around a livid Lightning Crab with its brilliant blue shell crackling with electricity as well as a few disembodied clouds of shifting energy. The floor boards were twisted and charred at the spot where the lightning bolt appeared. Tendrils of electricity arced across the room—creating a hum in the air and a bright blue light flickers on the walls and stones of the hearth.
The group quickly did away with the threats and ran downstairs. The tavern was deserted and out the window raged a massive fire spreading from building to building as an immensely powerful wind toppled buildings. After being unable to open the tavern doors due to the heavy winds. They began searching the building—Dera heard soft cries coming from within the cupboard beneath the stairs where they discovered a girl of no more than sixteen her clothes tattered and her eyes are pale amber. When Gratos attempts to speak with her she thanks them before going still and speaking cryptically
“They have come”
“They have no eyes”
“The grave has called them to us”
“I am Ecarna the Child”

She regained her composure and tells the adventurers to “go to the Jormur Forest and visit Orcun at the Highstone Citadel in Splinterfang and you will see, then return to me with the Orcun’s amulet.” When they ask her to guide them she simply says “No.” telling them she feels safe where she is.
As the group leaves Mimdrs discovers a strange document under his boot that was later translated;

A darkness has fallen on these lands
We have come to reclaim the lamp of the sky
We have come for the soul of our being
we have come for the ghost of Petrichor
may his shadowed flames not be released
or death will dine well

The group is finally able to open the tavern door and head into the storm. The wind is violent and as they sprint away from the blazing city an explosion of blue light strikes nearby and the ground around them began to crumble—sand and gravel sliding into the opening maw of the earth. Blackness enveloped them as the chasm’s dark walls slid downwards. A few minutes later they awoke in a heap of sand and debris. They had fallen into a large underground chamber of ruined grey stone. Moss and black mud grow and seeping through the mortar. Knowing that their only chance of getting out of the dungeon they headed within its depths.
The first room they came into smelled of gore. The stone floor was slick with dark blood that glided and rolled over the cobblestones. In the middle with his back turned to the adventurers squatted a hulking green skinned orc.
Godfrey took a step forward and a pebble skittered across the floor. The orc turned around, his fanged maw and lips smeared with blood. The tail of a half eaten dire rat tangled through his fingers. His yellow eyes stared at him—hollow and hungry. Placing the rat carcass down, he picked up a large wooden shield and a long curving sword with swirling silver inlay. Together, though long fought and after Gratos was injured they prevailed with Godfrey delivering the final blow from his toughened iron gauntlets to the side of the orc’s skull, killing him.
The next area they came across was a large vaulted chamber. It opened before them, torchlight bathing the space with a bloody red light. A single statue holding twin blades stood between them and an ascending stone stairway ahead. The statue began to move—the texture of his skin writhing beneath shadowed plates of round armor. The swords began to shimmer, a humming buzz slicing the air repeatedly. The being stood seven feet tall—a blue aura of light emanating about him. The Astral Warrior swung at Gratos but missed. A chaotic battle of blades and magic commenced and only ended when Gratos summoned his Spirit Wolf and the ethereal creature cracked the warriors thick carapace, violet pus spreading from the puncture.
Up the stairs is a small, claustrophobic room. Dry heat fills the room and quick spurts of static crackle on the walls. A lightning crab scurries out of the dark corner and raises its yellow eye stalks and releases a booming squawk from its mandibles. Lightning drips from his pincers and pulses on the floors and walls. The crab was followed by two spiny collections of crystalline shards and floating plasma hovering midair before the adventurers, waves of brusque heat slide over them.
It isn’t long before these foes are dispatched and they enter a large, dark square room with a high ceiling containing piles of gold surrounding two treasure chests. The chests are being guarded by two Lightning Crabs. A tall statue before you begins to quiver, blue light worms across the dark stone floor. The adventurers—their weapons sharp with combat—leave the bloodied corpses of the crabs behind and attempt to gather the gold but it triggers the treasure to turn to ash. The adventurers exit through a darkened archway and enter a large atrium with pillars on either side, and two sets of steps each leading to raised platforms. A light purple light blooms at the top-most level.
Two Astral Beings slide to life from behind the pillars. A dark angry energy and strange rapid squelches and screeches echo in he foyer stemming from orifices unknown. The warriors slice into Mimdrs meaty forearm who retaliates with a punch to their head. Godfrey swoops down turns invisible and carries Mimdrs up to safety—through this Mimdrs also turns invisible. Lilith fired a volley of stones and Gratos casts a spurt of acid at the two before they both crumple to the earth.
Without warning, A beastly Minotaur lumbers from within a hidden room. He stands before the group and roars—strings of spittle projecting from his tongue and teeth. In each hand he held a double flail his large yellow horns curving to unlock their death. Gratos lifted his Obsidian Lightning Staff and casted a large blast at the beast. He careened backwards and swung his spiked flails across the ground—wide grooves being left in their wake. Lilith and Godfrey took the opportunity while the Minotaur was still reeling to fire a volley of arrows and punch one of his kneecaps.
Mimdrs grabbed one of Godfrey’s javelins and leapt away from his invisible perch and drove the blade deep into the Creature’s skull the point protruding out through the roof of its mouth. The corpse of the minotaur lay bleeding as a large circle of swirling runes began to glow a deep violet. The room filled with a blinding light and suddenly darkness filled the void—
The webs of shadows are wiped away. The sky swayed high above, clouds drifting high over a yellow stream beside them (Anatina River). Everyone stood atop a wide flat altar, before them stood a Foxxyn with big carmine eyes, a decorative green tunic, a staff of berries and leaves, and golden rings in his large tabby ears. He introduced himself as Orcun the Arcane Elder. Orcun, noticing their exhaustion and wounds, guided them to Highstone Inn and Tavern where they stayed the night.



406 AD – 16th of Fellnight – Saintsday

[Dera – Mimdrs – Gratos – Godfrey]

Dera and Godfrey both purchase tavern whores from their owner (Samantha and Christine) at the local tavern and afterwards realize that their money supply has been squandered rather quickly. a prospector nearby hears this and offers the adventurers to solve this problem—saying he will pay them for anything interesting that they find in a nearby fort that had been abandoned ages ago —known colloquially as Codwell’s Fortress.
They blaze a trail there and enter, immediately dredging their way through the old ruined castle’s corridors. The adventurers find everything from many fancy dishes that Mimdrs steals to a piece of paper with a bloody pawprint stamped on it, to old maps, to a mangy dog that Dera tames and adopts (Fenrir). Also while there they find a strange and ancient mirror that shows the viewer their own death.
During their time spent here they discover a door that requires four keys. So, in search of the keys they come across and must battle long hidden foes of the castle; an Imprisoned Demon named Marax, a Giant Bat, a Vengeful four-armed Obsidian Statue—from which they receive one obsidian weapon each—and finally they are put up against a Mother Sphinx protecting her newly born cubs. Godfrey is able to tame the cubs while the other party members are distracting the Mother and so gains a litter of Sphinxes by his side—later losing two; one to Dera of Blodfen and one to Lilith the Noble. Eventually the Mother Sphinx is defeated and the adventurers discover the final key. They open the door and shimmied down a rope into a large underground dungeon. The dungeon is constructed of ruined brick and has lying in its center a very large and very powerful Cinderdragon with ashy black scales and coal red eyes whom Mimdrs names Burninator the Protector. Using their newly found obsidian weapons Burninator is defeated and the adventurers share in the loot of many chests lying at the feet of the defeated dragon before returning home and selling off their loot—mainly fancy plates and other dishes.



406 AD – 13th of Fellnight – Thunderday

[Dera – Gratos – Mimdrs – Godfrey]

Gratos eventually arrived in the city of Goblintooth where he met Godfrey the Hairy—a beared pixie with yellow wings, Dera of Blodfen—a seductive half-elf Ranger, and Mimdrs the Zealous—an uncouth dwarf barbarian. In search of adventure hey visited with the City Elder, a human by the name of Monsignor Seris, after being directed by a street merchant when asking about local happenings. Seris informed them that a local farmer named Otto had not come into town to sell produce and resupply in quite a while and so asked the travelers to travel to his homestead and make sure that he was doing fine.
The adventurers travel south to Otto’s farm where they discover his barn razed to the ground and see remnants from a hard fought struggle—three goblin corpses and Otto lying face down in crusted blood his shoddy sword still gripped in his hand.
The group returns to Goblintooth to deliver the grim news. Mimdrs is visibly shaken, his dwarven blood aching for revenge. However Gratos disagrees that violence is the answer and instead wishes to reason with the goblins and ask them their intentions—pointing out that there were three goblin corpses and perhaps it was Otto who struck first and it was simply self defense. Mimdrs vehemently denies this saying that Goblins are simply evil and stupid creatures—cattle with weapons and a temper. Embittered words soon turn to anger and soon the group was split on how to proceed. A quarrel followed which led to a skirmish in the city’s courtyard between themselves as well as two of the inhabitants of the city—Gorgurel the Smith and Orry—Leutenient Captain of the Goblintooth Division of the Sterling Armed Forces.
Mimdrs and Orry fighting on one side—believing that the goblins needed to be put down like dogs—against Dera, Gratos,Godfrey and Gorgurel on the other—who thought that diplomacy should at least be attempted. After many acid attacks, clashing of steel and missed bow shots Seris arrived and broke up the fray and made everyone settle their differences and reminded the adventurers of the importance of discovering the truth of Otto’s death.
After tempers had been cooled the three warriors headed south together into the forest near Otto’s charred farmhouse. It is not long before they discover the source of the goblins—a village named Gawksnif. Initially Gratos, Godfrey, and Dera attempt diplomacy however it fails when the goblins become visibly upset and violent towards the group and so Mimdrs happily strikes and kills many goblins as they rush towards each one of them. Early on it seems that the heroes are winning however soon they begin to be overpowered and the adventurers and are only rescued when they call out for help and Gorgurel who was nearby cutting timber comes to their aid.



406 AD – 12th of Fellnight – Towerday


This story begins with Gratos the Arcane. He awakes mysteriously within the confines of a rotten log. Breaking free from the decayed timber he immediately begins searching the forest. In his venture he came across an Ogre by the name of Garthug, a towering goliath who would explain that he is actually a scholar in search of a mythological artifact known as the Comet of Petrichor. Gratos asked for Garthug aid him in gaining his bearings. The two of them eventually found their way into the twisting tunnels of Earl-Oak Caverns where they come across a cave spider. In the ensuing battle Garthug is bitten by a cave spider. Gratos and Garthug fought it off but Garthug’s life was seeping away. Gratos discovered a wooden chest and inside were two vials—one small and filled with a strange pulsing red potion and the other filled with a dark purple liquid. In hopes of saving his newfound friend Gratos gave Garthug the dark purple liquid, which turned out to be Nightshade poison. Garthug crumpled and became a corpse. But Gratos called to the Ancients and Garthug came back a spirit, forever bound to Gratos’ soul. The two of them discovered a ladder that led them out of the caverns and back to a grassy cliff overlooking a wide pasture. As they stood there a single Sanctae Scout Pod arrived with two Astral soldiers who jumped from their flying machination and stormed towards Gratos who jumped from the cliff and into a deep pool of water. When Gratos climbed out of the water neither the soldiers nor the Scout Pod was anywhere to be seen.


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