407 AD – 19th of Frostcrawl – Swordsday

[Lilith – Grok – Trok – Xavier – Gratos]

When they awoke they discovered an ancient illness known as Fricundus had spread once more and Dera is afflicted. Xavier the Dashing, a local rogue, joins the adventurers just as Orcun requests their aid. Mimdrs who decides he would rather take a day of R&R and Godfrey who decides he’d rather gorge himself on food and a bit of sketchy sex decline. Orcun gives them a map to guide them to the home of Lance – Arcane of the Frost-star, full-time gardener and cowardly warrior. Lance has cultivated a patch of Frost-lilies, rare flowers which grow only in the tundra of the Jormur forest. This is the moment when Nexus and his giant pet Lightning Crab Andromedes arrive, blasting their way into Splinterfang. A fight breaks out, Orcun battling Nexus while Xavier, Lilith, and Gratos take on Andromedes.
Andromedes is defeated and Nexus grows angry grabbing Orcun’s amulet and running towards Highstone Citadel, Orcun launched himself after Nexus but was instead captured and taken inside, the door locked just as Xavier, Gratos, and Lilith reached it.
Embry, a local Apprentice fire mage tells them of a second door, one that can be unlocked with four arcane amulets and the blood of a single arcane. The three of them ventured out of the city—coming across a pair of large trolls, Grok and Trok, who were busy making puddles out of Fricundus stricken goblins. The five adventurers made there way to Lance’s Frostiary where they collected his frost lilies as well as his assistance, after taking down an Arctic Sphinx much to Lilith’ dismay they traveled back to Splinterfang where they squared away a few details then continued—having Lance create an ice bridge across the Anatina River and from there they traveled to Hithrum’s haven where they came upon Hithrum – Arcane of the stone-heart just as he was crafting a golem. He accused you of being Pyrestone spies sent by Dareth – Arcane of the Pyrestone however quickly realized he was mistaken just as sensors in the valley began picking up activity. Pyrestone golems came through and were defeated promptly and so after Trok swallowed one of the Emberstones Hithrum offered the party a golem of his own design giving you a choice between two. Garthug discovered he could manipulate the golems and use them as bodies and so Garthug became a spirit bound golem. The adventurers stayed at Hithrum’s haven overnight with Xavier, Lilith and Gratos spending the night in a spare room in Hithrum’s basement workshop and Grok and Trok spending the night in a shed on the grounds amid a pile of warm cloth and a small fire.



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