407 AD – 27th of Greysky – Swordsday

[Godfrey – Gratos – Lilith]

Dera invites Godfrey, Gratos and Lilith along as she goes off and hunts. They decide to join her. On their way Gratos is showing continuing signs of mental decay which is seen when he sets up camp early in the morning before the rest of the group scolds him to undo what he has done. Godfrey spots a rising column of smoke on the horizon and so they decide to head towards it.
On the way they come across a pool with a ringed ditch of blood around it. Gratos immediately dove into the pool immediately. This action triggered a preset, low-level magical spell in which the water glowed a bright white and began to steam. The water quickly coalesced and formed a white sticky cocoon around Gratos in the center of what was once a pool. Lilith spotted a small tunnel dug into the side of the earth wall and so she climbed into the empty pool and crawled though the tunnel and came across a small black chest. Inside was some gold pieces, as well as a bottle of blue liquid and a burlap sack which held three glass tinctures of a white liquid, pink liquid, and violet liquid. Lilith in tandem with Godfrey worked to discover what the potions could do when mixed and so mixed them and dripped only a drop onto Gratos’ encasing, sparks slithered in every direction carving through the shell. Gratos began speaking strangely and swore to kill them all when he was released, fearing an attack Dera, Lilith and Godfrey talked about what they could do. Dera gathered a slim glass bottle filled with a dark black goo, saying it could help. She placed the bottle to Gratos’ lips and forced him to swallow the bitter dark sludge. Gratos’ eyes grew focused and he began asking questions that were both less violent and more pertinent to their predicament. They then poured the potion more liberally and soon had Gratos free from his imprisonment.
That debacle out of the way and Godfrey still anxious to discover the source of the smoke off in the distance, hurried everyone along. After venturing through the thicket they came into a clearing of flattened grass. A small fire glowed at the center surrounded by five sparkling stones of a deep periwinkle. Lilith and Gratos’ crouched down and split the beautiful stones between themselves—believing them to be priceless gemstones, Godfrey did nothing to stop them—a loud roar was heard overhead, and a few bushes ruffled nearby. Readying attacks they waited only to watch as three small blue humanoid creatures stepped from behind the leaves. They asked in Draconic “Who stole our Dazing Stones?” Gratos’ was the only one who understood, “It was them—they took your stones” he lied. They began to speak to the three of them “Why do you Spy, Eavesdrop, and Lie?” Gratos’ spoke back in draconic again “It was them—not me” the Dazing Pixies eyes glowed and their diminutive jaws filled with thorny teeth. The leader spoke directly to Godfrey “You who watches, we shall never see again. To be a watcher is a terrible thing” The leader turned to Lilith “You the one who does nothing except listen—shall never hear again and you!” now speaking in the dripping tones of draconic to Gratos “You! Are the worst of all. Liar! We shall have your tongue!” the leader told the pixies to attack and they swarmed from within the jungle onto Godfrey who couldn’t fly away, Lilith who fell to the ground and clawed their way up Gratos’ arm and onto his face. Each of the adventurers received a bite in the arm, leg, and face—this is when Samantha, Dera’s Ranger Apprentice arrived and threw bottles of blasting oil creating huge clouds of flame. The dazing pixies scared of her “sorcery” scurried away and into the forest as Cody, Dante, Fenrir and her helped carry the now unconscious bodies of the adventurers away.



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