407 AD – 11th of Palesun – Swordsday

[Karinana –Lilith]

Karinana walked into the Highstone Inn and Tavern and sat at the bar, her scaly arms resting on the table top. A man next to her bought her a drink which she lit on fire—producing a low yellow flame before she threw the shot back, swallowing it in one great gulp. A satisfied steam rose from her nostrils. Soon Henrietta Funk burst in and asked Karinana if she’d like to gather Starblood goo from the local forest in order for Henrietta to create more Health potions since her stock has run down. Narfen and Lilith the Noble joined and they set off into Jormur Forest. As they were collecting Starblood goo by killing the local Starblood Spiders and Widows they come across a strange creature which attacks them they fight it off and are able to kill it before it does too much damage which is when Narfen notices a mark burned into the creature’s grey skinned throat. As Narfen, Karinana, and Lilith decide on which path to take at a crossroads, A person clad in armor tumbles backwards from within the thicket his sword raised towards the trees. He stands and continues backing away slowly. When a low rumbling comes from inside the darkness. A blur of grey leaps from the vegetation and knocks the knight to the ground he kicks the beast off of himself and clambers to his feet. A Collarhound stares into the Knights eyes. Two more Hounds slink from within the forest and join the Alpha to each side, one of the hounds sees you and begins sauntering over head low to the ground. A hound notices Lilith, Karinana, and Narfen—who quickly grabs a branch and so together they defeated and slay the three slim and powerful beasts. After speaking with the knight they discovered that his name was Gorgurel, a former blacksmith turned bounty hunter after the destruction of his home and livelihood. He was currently on a mission from Henrietta Funk to kill Garrett Cleavridge. Narfen is a bit shaken as he realizes that his doom was not far off. Karinana and Lilith discuss whether or not to follow. Eventually everyone decides to aid Gorgurel in his quest and so they continued forth down the path until they came to a tall stone tower with a single door. They approached the door—a sturdy wooden door, banded with iron. The group stepped closer and noticed some writing scratched into the wooden frame of the door, just to the left of the handle. Cautiously Narfen grabbed a quill and scrap of paper and scribbles the writing down has everyone back up into the trees before he reads the words aloud a great rumble is heard and a large yellow rune lights up briefly before bursting—the door to exploded into splinters. Everyone stepped inside when Lilith saw a black chest lying on the floor she went over to it and opened it up—a jet of black and blue flame burst from within however Lilith got out of its way. After collecting yet another lump of Starblood goo they came upon a lone Dazing Pixie who told them that they were invited to a “party” Lilith became more and more nervous and having dealt with these pixies before knew nothing good could come of this. Gorgurel though, still confident, slashed at the Pixie who nimbly floated out of the blade’s way when Karinana clapped the pixie to the ground where Gorgurel then stomped it flat. Then found a chest and opened it; inside was a good collection of treasure which the group shared except for Gorgurel who said it would only slow him down. Lilith took a Great Bone Helm, and a Small Vial of Wound Salve. Karinana simply took the pouch of 45 gold pieces. They came across another chest and when this one opened a blast of black and blue fire leapt free once the flame had gone however was yet another mound of treasure. Lilith took a Star Rose Quartz, a Polished Stone Rod, 3 Dusky Sapphires and 38 Masterwork Arrows. Karinana took a Sack of Gems and Jewels, Spiked Gloves, a Platinum Cloth Choker and a Large Vial labeled “Aid”. They gathered another collection of Starblood goo before coming to a wall that encircled a large section of the forest, an iron door waiting for them to enter. Everyone entered a room within the wall and the door closed behind them in front of them was another iron door. Narfen stepped towards the door and a large square piece of stone set firmly in the earth clicked. A panel in the stone floor reveals a small space that can fit only one of them inside. A mechanical clicking could be heard as the ceiling began to fall at an even pace. Everyone began to accept there fate and had Narfen enter the space with Cody. Eventually a group of Dazing Pixies began to taunt them. Then just as everything seemed hopeless the mechanical gears within the wall audibly broke and the stone ceiling was winched back to its original state. They all step out into a field enclosed by the stone wall. Littered all across the ground are Dazing stones including two rings of the stones containing the bodies of Gratos and Godfrey. At the center of the field is Garrett Cleaveridge atop a black rune plate. He welcomes everyone to the “party” then tells the The dazing pixies to circle and attack the group when Narfen falls prey to the hallucinogenic effect of the stones. The dazing Pixies claw and slash at Lilith’s face. her screams of pain bring Narfen out of his subdues state and in order to save his friends he grabs his branch and runs over and grabs one of the Dazing stones and attaches it to the Branch using a piece of his linen wraps. He waves it around and soon the Dazing Pixies leave the party alone and begin clambering over the dazing stone trying to free it from Narfen’s clutches. With the dazing pixies out of the way, Garrett calls two freshly branded Collarhounds to his side. The group easily dispatches the beasts and begin to close in on Garrett who then calls forth a shroud of darkness. They soon found Garrett and battled him and the shroud was dispelled. Narfen having killed the Dazing Pixies runs back over and attacks Garrett along with everyone else. Then Garrett grips Narfen by the throat and holds him high in the air, a bloody grin, Lilith screams for everyone to stop as she recalls Orcun dying in a similar manner. Garrett laughs at how weak they all were—to which Karinana offers Garrett to be his prisoner if he released Narfen. Garrett looks Karinana over crudely and says that Boronte would surely rather have her than Narfen and so agrees however just as Garrett is about to tie Karinana’s hands behind her back Narfen breaks free and strikes Garrett in the head. Karinana and Narfen rejoin the group. Garrett Limping and bloody his armor dangling from him like wet tissue climbs atop the Large rune plate the remaining dazing fairies gather around him and begin to chant in draconic. A shimmer surrounds Garrett as the rune plate begins to glow. The party killed the remaining three Dazing Sprites and the shield surrounding Garrett falls. Narfen rushes at the weakened Garrett as he recoils in pain, Narfen grips Garrett by the throat and speaks in draconic saying “You have no use of power her any longer, burn out—return to ash and release your inner flame to me. A single condensed green ball of flame rises from Garrett’s chest and absorbs itself into Narfen. A burst of green light explodes into the sky and the husk of Garrett falls over dead whereas Narfen simply falls over exhausted. Karinana cleaves Garrett’s head from his shoulders and attaches it to her belt. Lilith rushes to Godfrey and Gratos’ sides and makes sure hey are still alive before setting up camp as the night falls and bringing the two into the tent. Karinana found two of chests of Garrett’s belongings and shares them with the group. Lilith taking the Mythril Ring of Animal Affinity, the Medium Masterwork Greataxe, a Small Wooden Round Shield, a set of Medium Half-Plate Armor, a Large Potion labeled “Hiding”, 4 Large Emeralds, a Leather Jerkin, and a Mace of Defending. Karinana takes a Rune Encrusted Potion of Levitate, a Magical Bow, a Black Pearl, a Ceramic Jug of Enlarge, 15 gold pieces, an Amethyst, a copper ring of Force Shield, and 300 silver pieces. And finally Narfen received an Arcane Scroll. The night fell and grew darker as Lilith cared for the two bodies of her sleeping friends.



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