407 AD – 3rd of Palesun – Fireday

[Karinana – Lilith]

Lilith the Noble awakens in a circle of dazing stones lying atop a loose pile of damp fallen leaves. A light rain fell through the branches of the white birch trees overhead. Meanwhile, Karinana of Velmir, a Dragonborn outlander walked through the chilly, morning mist—autumn leaves drifting past her as she travels through the forest having just departed Mosscrown that morning. As she scrambles she hears scratching and labored breath rush through the branches above. The creature scrambles towards Lilith who is now standing on a path trying to determine which way Splinterfang was and where her weasel, Cody, was. Lilith tries to see the source of the noises but cannot due to the thick fog, she begins to climb a tree to see if she can get a better vantage point. All Lilith sees is a shadow but pulls her slingshot from within her pack and fires a stone, it strikes the branch next to the kneeling creature and sends it running away back from where it came. The creature runs between Karinana’s legs just as Lilith bursts from within the fold of foliage and loads another stone and releases—it strikes the sprinting creature in the back of the head, causing him to collapse into a pile of watery loam.
Karinana rushed over and cradled the creature, a now unconscious Kobold, to her chest and called upon Kirull—the goddess of Justice, Independence, and Sass as well as the Guardian of Women—to revive the poor creature. He awoke but was very confused, his name is Narfen—a family name belonging to his grandpather. He is a runaway slave who once belonged to Ariak Codwell and was bought by Boronte of Valkane in an estate sale of Codwell’s property after his death. He has since escaped and is currently on the run from one of Boronte’s bounty hunters—Garrett Cleaveridge.
Narfen after attempting to kill Cody—Lilith’s Dire Weasel— for food is chased through the misty forest where he startles both Karinana of Velmir and a displaced and confused Lilith. He is knocked unconscious and revived by Karinana. They head towards Splinterfang on the way Narfen makes passes and inappropriate gestures at Karinana who is quick to stop them. He currently owes a life debt to Karinana. It is revealed that Narfen learned his behavior towards women by watching Boronte.
Lilith, Karinana and Narfen arrive in Splinterfang and go into the potions shop in search of a cure for Karinana’s bad eyesight. After much lingual confusion with Henrietta Funk, the shopkeeper, a pair of eyeglasses is procured instead. Lilith then returns to the Highstone Inn. And Karinana ventures further into the city.



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