406 AD – 13th of Fellnight – Thunderday

[Dera – Gratos – Mimdrs – Godfrey]

Gratos eventually arrived in the city of Goblintooth where he met Godfrey the Hairy—a beared pixie with yellow wings, Dera of Blodfen—a seductive half-elf Ranger, and Mimdrs the Zealous—an uncouth dwarf barbarian. In search of adventure hey visited with the City Elder, a human by the name of Monsignor Seris, after being directed by a street merchant when asking about local happenings. Seris informed them that a local farmer named Otto had not come into town to sell produce and resupply in quite a while and so asked the travelers to travel to his homestead and make sure that he was doing fine.
The adventurers travel south to Otto’s farm where they discover his barn razed to the ground and see remnants from a hard fought struggle—three goblin corpses and Otto lying face down in crusted blood his shoddy sword still gripped in his hand.
The group returns to Goblintooth to deliver the grim news. Mimdrs is visibly shaken, his dwarven blood aching for revenge. However Gratos disagrees that violence is the answer and instead wishes to reason with the goblins and ask them their intentions—pointing out that there were three goblin corpses and perhaps it was Otto who struck first and it was simply self defense. Mimdrs vehemently denies this saying that Goblins are simply evil and stupid creatures—cattle with weapons and a temper. Embittered words soon turn to anger and soon the group was split on how to proceed. A quarrel followed which led to a skirmish in the city’s courtyard between themselves as well as two of the inhabitants of the city—Gorgurel the Smith and Orry—Leutenient Captain of the Goblintooth Division of the Sterling Armed Forces.
Mimdrs and Orry fighting on one side—believing that the goblins needed to be put down like dogs—against Dera, Gratos,Godfrey and Gorgurel on the other—who thought that diplomacy should at least be attempted. After many acid attacks, clashing of steel and missed bow shots Seris arrived and broke up the fray and made everyone settle their differences and reminded the adventurers of the importance of discovering the truth of Otto’s death.
After tempers had been cooled the three warriors headed south together into the forest near Otto’s charred farmhouse. It is not long before they discover the source of the goblins—a village named Gawksnif. Initially Gratos, Godfrey, and Dera attempt diplomacy however it fails when the goblins become visibly upset and violent towards the group and so Mimdrs happily strikes and kills many goblins as they rush towards each one of them. Early on it seems that the heroes are winning however soon they begin to be overpowered and the adventurers and are only rescued when they call out for help and Gorgurel who was nearby cutting timber comes to their aid.



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