407 AD – 11th of Highsun – Towerday

[Jericho – Skye – Iana – Lilith]

Skye and Jericho awoke and Skye’s Vedalken shackles have turned a deep scarlet. When Jericho examines them he discovers an Explosion rune written into the metal. So the two of them headed towards the Blacksmith shop “Horseshoes and Explosive Metal Casings” on their way a drunkard stumbles barefoot down the snowy flagstone street and calls to them
“Ey’ I know you—you guys are those other blokes from the poster—you are criminals!—the Atlas Escapees!” He begins to back away falls then runs away. A couple of nearby orcs begin to saunter over. They begin quietly discussing a strategy to take Jericho and Skye in a fight and offer them to the authorities
“It really is them…their poster says they’re worth a pretty penny.” Jericho threatens them and easily scares them off, however as they turn tail they shout that there is “plenty more of those posters in the city, eventually someone will run you bastards down.”
They see a scholar reading on the stones of a fountain and ask him for directions to the blacksmith he agrees and eventually the duo arrives at the Blacksmith shop they ask him if he can help. He says he will do his best but despite this the shackles remain. Suddenly a small balding man with spectacles calls out to them saying that he knows that Jericho tricked both New Graaten and Snortplug by both not slaying the ice goblins and by keeping the real Amulet of Akbar. Jericho and Skye kill him quickly and place his corpse in the fire. The Blacksmith asks that in return for his silence on the matter that the adventurers retrieve his Embersword from thieving Kobolds hiding in a coal mine. The two decide that they will do this a bit later but warn the blacksmith to make good on his silence. As they are headed out they come across Iana a female Minotaur shaman who tells them of some ice caves in order to reach a sorcerer in Marblerose who might be able to help them. With her guidance through the ice caverns past the traps and the wild beasts including “Fluffy” the polar bear and a gigantic Ice Mephit that they slay they make it to Marblerose entirely unscathed.



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