407 AD – 29th of Palesun – Wineday

[Zed – Jericho – Skye – Lilith]

A large carrier ship sways in an ocean of green water blanketed in thick mist. Within the brig are eight prisoners, each wearing a pair of Vedalken Shackles on their hands—Niles and Black two brothers captured for murder, Karak the Viscous a massive and crazed minotaur with bloodmatted fur and a disturbed gaze, Anber Vanderhale—a mysterious drow sorcerer, Jericho Midnight a Tiefling Runepriest—captured because of fear and belief that he had been killing local goats for demon rituals, Zed Kakuto—Dragonborn and Fighter, Skye Stormguard—resident rogue of New Hampshire arrested for stealing a horse, as well as Grimgaw “The Blaze” an elderly and dying lord and notorious leader of a band of rogue sellswords.
The timbers creak as the vessel struck another treacherous wave. Jericho Midnight sat in a single holding cell, an iron bucket lay in a corner—a pile of defecate in the pail. A large mound of straw lay nearby to serve as both bedding and sustenance. Jericho called over to the single guard saying he was sick hoping to escape when the guard came over he was unimpressed and not gullible enough for such a story and so returned to his post. A great squall was heard outside flashes of lightning could be seen between the slats in the boards overhead. The boat made a terrible groaning and people can be heard shouting on the deck, including the captain a portly and salty one eyed dwarf by the name of Morkil Atlas—barking orders through his cigar. A white burst exploded through the hull at the far side of the boat the single guard fell out into the water with a quick scream. A jangle of keys flew though the air and landed in Karak’s cell and rung themselves around his horn…which is very close to poking into Jericho’s own cell. Jericho reached and gently pulled the keys from around Karak’s horn just as he heard a mighty crackling sound. A large piece of the ship falls into the water with a mighty splash water drips and a mighty roar of winds pushes the ship on its side. The ship remained like this before swaying back upright. Jericho worked quickly freeing himself from his cell, both Zed and Skye convinced Jericho to release him while Anber with his coal red eyes was denied. Black and Niles were also let go when they told the others that they wouldn’t regret releasing them. Skye told them all to wait there while he scouted topside to see what was going on. Skye saw a chest near the ship’s topdeck and peered within and found his belongings his twin daggers and his armor. He—with much difficulty—put on his armor and armed himself before continuing on.
Meanwhile Jericho had released Karak and was using his horn to break everyone from their shackles. Once they had broken everyone free and convinced Karak that they in fact were not “bad people” they headed up the stairs and found themselves amid turmoil and confusion he gathered information from the soldiers onboard before having Karak kill them all he then went to dress in his armor.
Back in the Jormur forest we find Lilith the Noble, Narfen, and a sleeping “Furnace” while the Godfrey and Gratos remain catatonic. Lilith searches but sees that Karinana has left without a note she wakes Narfen and checks on the two comatose men—they seem to be gravely ill and so Lilith begs Narfen to send them to Splinterfang to be helped. He agrees but doesn’t promise guaranteed success they are all brought to the run plate and scrape the beheaded body of Cleaveridge to the side before Narfen calls upon his new Warlock powers. In a blaze of emerald flame the bodies apparate away. Gorgurel awakens and says his goodbyes before going back to deliver Garrett’s head to Henrietta Funk. Now all alone Lilith asks Narfen to send them away—back to Splinterfang. A great flame explodes about them and then they reappear. They are now falling downwards into large body of water. Cody nimbly dives into the waves while the other two simply make a large splash. They drift within the water for a bit bickering before a large vessel comes by. They both climb onboard and see confusion and turmoil Narfen sees the large chest and gets inside as Lilith heads up the tairs towards the captain’s quarters when she runs into a muscular, silver skinned elf wearing armor, carrying twin daggers and bound in magically seal manacles.
After Jericho has put on his armor, Zed goes to put on his armor and finds Narfen stowed away. Zed picks Narfen up and tosses him aside before donning his finely smithed set of armor. Despite Narfen trying to bond with Zed about their racial similarities Zed remains distant and unfriendly as he departs following closely behind Niles, Black and Karak and Jericho. Narfen—feelings bruised—heads belowdeck.
Lightning has nearly killed both Lilith and Skye when they finally reach Morkil’s quarters however find it abandoned. Jericho and his criminal troupe are not far behind and Jericho is searching now for possibly his final hope out of here—his runic halberd has been locked away along with other powerful items within the Captain’s personal safebox. Soon everyone is within the Captain’s quarters. A map is laid across his desk with the charted course headed for Gaol. Lilith now wears a ring of Chameleon—The Blaze’s most prized possession. This is when Morkil Atlas decides to come from within his hiding place brandishing a black blade and warning them all that he would rather die than see his reputation for prompt and uneventful delivery of degenerates unsullied. Jericho grabs his halberd and holds it in his hands just as a large explosion is heard. Everyone stares at Jericho
“that wasn’t me!” he was right just as he said this Anber hovered above the misty water and began cackling. Narfen ran and stood beside Lilith mumbling that he was sorry. Karak roared and headed to face the Drow devil. Jericho had Narfen, Lilith, Zed, and Skye hold onto his halberd as it grew a bright orange and then strung open like strumming the chords of the universe. It was suddenly bitter cold and they saw in the distance a town with lights in their windows on the horizon.



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